Dragan Marunic,

Born 1942. in Bjelina, Dalmatia. Home care and general education he received in his two houses. In the parental home with his father Boza and mother Mara, and at the monastery Praksvica (on the Montenegrin coast) with the father abbot Boris. He studied art (painting) and theology in Athens. He painted more than 40 churches around the world. He is married and has three children. He lives in Belgrade.

This is a rough sketch for a portrait of a man with a great life experience. Dedication has never threatened the family commitment, and vice versa. Decorates the temples of God and exalted family (little church). CHRISTIAN.
During the years of continuous and tireless work, precisely defined love, desire and desire to create, he formed the now very recognizable and distinctive style, theology and art fully defined, ontologically ultimate. Style has become the attitude, unique in its consistency, unwavering in the application, and reliable reference for further investigations and new solutions.

His painting organically stands among the three styles that are the most elevated of our medieval painting.

By way of composing it is  Monumental because the scene introduces a large number of participants, which is usually a major figure in the center and the composition is moderate and bilaterally symmetrical balance with the layout around a central axis, oriented towards the entire width of the believer. All this is accompanied by a varied use of perspective (octagonal, hair, inverse, bird, frog) according to the needs of the whole fresco decorations and fine dramatic tension corresponding scene.

By conventional measures of compliance and form, and caring for events on the scene he was "Paleologos" and belongs to the NARRATIV STYLE, this wonderful legacy from the time of King Milutin and painter Michael and Eutihija. Every detail is supported by the Gospel text and the purpose is to educate the viewer, but also enrich the beauty of the composition.

By hunger for new (previously unseen) depicting the lives of the saints, decorative elegance and exquisite content, driven by ambition and the need to meet the spiritual needs of believers, his art is equivalent to MORAVIA SCHOOL where religious thought is new forms of expression.
What is very special, something for which can be said that personal touch of author, are figures of saints formed with lots of love, gamut, which resembles a medieval, but it is quite new in the subtle but decisive use of contrast where the head shape is modeled by giving its corresponding features, and often, and "pathos". Dark touch tones, vermilion and bright tones of sediment, expesses existence of certain saints, building them uncreated divine light, making the power of God that transforms us and gives substance view of creation.

Once in a unified whole, in all artistic, aesthetic and theological aspects accompanied (and it was in the church of Sv. Arh. Gavrila 198..- 1987. in Belgrade). Furthermore, it is inexorably grew, until it resulted refined convincingly adulthood.

Then the defining attitudes, with a clear concept and dynamics of work, with rounded aspirations and awareness of possibilities, there was a need to experience and knowledge transfer to younger generations, who are in his court required the Serbian Church. Sense of responsibility towards cultural heritage from which encourages people, led to the formation of small groups of students who were most persistent Nikola Lubardić (now Deacon of SPC and painter) and Dragan Stankovic (and now a member of the Marunic team), then the student Academy of Fine early years. Over time, students became assistant and later co-workers. Marunic's son  Nemanja from an early age, so to speak since the boy, matures on scaffolding many churches today to become the true heir and an inseparable member of the team.

Insight into the overall work of Dragan Marunic who lasts for nearly forty years, allows us to follow the evolution of this lighthearted, but stamenog painting, the dedicated, honest and noble work, which has no equivalent in modern history of fresco painting with us.
Dragan Marunic painted over 40 churches (in Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Switzerland ... here ...). Signature of the iconostasis in the Serbian countless places of worship in all areas where Serbs live, a family of over 1500 icons adorn the homes of the faithful patrons. Spread and increase at the Orthodox Church of their heritage, culture, ancestors. For health, happiness and his family prosparitet osliako the Serbian Saints Temple at Karaburma in Belgrade, and in every church where he worked he participated as great friend and benefactor of the Church.

Undiminished energy he continues to rime mass, light and dark contrasts, static and dynamic structure of performances, coloristic range relationships, with certainty, rationality and with deep theological understanding of government issues and substance of the whole liturgical fresco ensemble. Persist in seeking better solutions all, precision and finesse in execution. The religious and emotional, pure human infatuation with work, presents us with Dragan Marunic great range as an artist, and his life path light Devine Light, appropriate and harmonious.